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40% off A Years Subscription To The Cubs Clubs Today.

The Cubs Club Membership is designed to support the development of your 6 month old to 5 year old.

The 20 activities are incredibly flexible with their level up and down options to ensure every activity can be adapted to your child’s personal development. This also means that siblings can play along side each other without you having to compromise safety!

As added extra’s you will receive two nursery rhymes that link to that months theme because we understand nursery rhymes play a crucial role in ever child’s development. As well as a handful of activity sheets you can print of and have at the ready for whenever you need them.

Today’s Price £43

Usually £72

Guaranteed to ensure you spend quality time together with your child. 
Let me know within 7 days of purchase if The Cubs Club isn’t right for you and receive a full refund.

Hear From parents just like you who have awesome stories about how The Cubs Club has helped them.


“I have been a member of the Cubs Club Pack for almost a month now
and have absolutely loved it! My hands are full with 2 under 2 and struggle
to find things to stimulate them whilst trying to juggle feeds etc. Emily is
super helpful on the fb page and I have been able to read a few ideas, prep
them over night and have a fun activity for my eldest to play with whilst I see to
my little girl. He has enjoyed everything we have done so far and I have found
him becoming more confident with experiencing new things and touching different textures. In all honesty it’s just as fun for me to get stuck in with him
and make some crafts. Would and have recommend to anyone! “


“I have LOVED using the Cubs Club pack this month! My daughter is 9 months
and I found that most activities were easily adaptable or doable for her age-
and those that weren’t successful will definitely be tried or recreated when she
is older. There is so much information out there on activities to do with children that it can be quite overwhelming and although I had bought books and done internet research, I found that I didn’t have a reason to do these kinds of
activities and would put them off. Using the theme and bingo sheet has really helped me to provide cheap, fun and memorable activities for her nearly every
day! I am really looking forward to the next one!”

Previous Cub’s Club Activities In Action

Saves You Time.

No more wasted time scouring Pinterest for the perfect activity and no more aimlessly scrolling through toy shop catalogues in search of the next big thing your child might like (and will grow tired of in a day). I’ll do all that for you so you can forget about all that research and just get stuck into bonding with your little one.

Saves You Money.

I know you don’t have the time or money to waste prepping activities your child eventually will get bored of – so that is why all the activities I create are easy to set up and only use recourses you will either already have or if you do need to buy it won’t cost the earth.

Creates Motivated Learners.

We want our children to develop a love for learning, because if we can achieve that they will be self motivated to learn through their childhood, teenage years and even into adulthood, and they will excel where ever they find their passion.