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Parents know that helping their children learn about and understand their emotions is an important part of raising a happy, healthy child. What parents don’t always know is what they can do to support their child’s emotional development. Our worry monster bundle will help.

The Worry Monster Bundle

Our Worry Monster Bundle includes a monster who helps children release their worries and emotion cards that help children discuss their emotions with you. Backed by our 100% Happiness Guarantee, this bundle is great for helping your little one develop healthy emotional habits as they learn to understand and cope with their emotions.



£3.00 Post and Packing

For children age 3 years plus. UK shipping only. Colour of the worry monster may vary.

What’s Included?

Communicating Emotions With The Feelings Chart.

The chart is fitted with velcro for easy changes, and can help your child learn strategies to manage their emotions. Comes with 9 visual cards showing faces that represent feelings and action pictures that show how they can regulate their emotions.

These cards will help children learn to:

  • Name the feeling they are experiencing
  • Identify how they are behaving when feeling a certain way.
  • Use learnt techniques to calm themselves when upset
  • Ask for what they want in a safe way

Developing Emotional Awareness

This guide has it all! It tells you how to use the worry monster, feelings chart and all sorts of other activities to support your child’s emotional development. Also comes with a poster for your child to learn about all of the different emotions.

Releasing Worries With
The Worry Monster.

The Worry Monster is the perfect companion for your young one to help them through their life’s obstacles. The worry monster comes with a mouth zipper so your child can draw and post in their worries with ease for the worry monster to eat. It also comes with an adoption certificate signed by Monty Monster so your child knows the worry monster was sent just for them.

What Our Customers Have Said About Previous Bundles

Hannah Backshall

We love the boxes. The slime was days of fun. Freya’s monster gets fed at least twice a day. And the little scissors are amazing. I was looking at getting her some as I normally just let her help with the big scissors. But she can use them very well already. And just wants to cut everything.

Patricia Beer

Lincoln loves the activities that come in these boxes and it really helps me find the time to really sit down and enjoy one to one quality time with him

Shelby Priestley

We absolutely loved the boxes as always 😃 Williams favourite was the slime and worry monster.