Water For Sensory Play

What Do Children Learn From Water?

Water play is classed as sensory play too! Water is a great way to introduce sensory play because it’s super easy to clean up and it’s a texture most children are already used to.

Speech and Language – as you explore new and already known words and phrases while you play.

Physical Development – as they tip, scoop, fill and splash within the water as well as using tools like tweezers, sponges, and spoons to work on their fine motor skills.

Mathematics – as they fill different containers exploring different measurements like full and empty. 

Creativity and imagination – due to its open ended nature children are able to test their own ideas within their play.

Literacy – as they recreate their favourite stories using resources within their surroundings and well as using water to make marks.  

Understanding the world – as their test their ideas and explore how water responds to their actions.



Mess Scale


6 Months +

On The Day

How To Make Play With Water

Just Grab

  • Warm Water From The Tap!

What Is The Best Way To Clean Up Water?

Cleaning Up Your Child

Remove wet clothes and pop them into the wash, then dry your child with a towel.

Cleaning Up A Small Tray

Tip out any excess water and leave it upside down to dry.

Cleaning A Large Tray

Scoop out any excess water tipping it down the drain, then dry the tray with some kitchen roll or a towel.

Cleaning The Surrounding Area

Grab a towel to dry off any spillages from the surrounding area.

Water Sensory Play Ideas

Water Activity

Water Activity

Water Activity

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