Unique Sensory sea creature activity for your toddler.

With an adaption on sensory pouches you can make up your very own sea creature discovery activity. 

Suitable for: 6 months plus
Set up: 30 minutes


  • Laminating Pouches
  • Hair straighteners
  • Water
  • Coloured paper
  • Laminator
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Item to put in the sensory bag. I used, peas, sweet corn, beads and buttons
  • Cello Tape

The set up

Draw a rough outline of each sea creature and cut it out. Cut a circle out of the middle of each one and laminate each creature. Cut around the sea creature, cutting out the circle too! Be careful of your fingers!

Once your sea creatures are ready you can prep your sensory pouches. Warm up the hair straighteners and use them to seal up both edges of the laminating pouch, you should now have three sealed sides and one open one like a pocket. Add in a little bit of water along with one of the items you have chosen to put in the pouch, squeezy out most of the air and seal shut with the hair straighteners. Pop it down on a flat surface and give it a push and a squeeze to make sure you haven’t get any leaks! Repeat this set for as many sensory pouches as you like. 

Once the pouches are ready, tape them on the the back of each sea creature so that the sensory pouches is visible through the hole. 

Making the Most out of the activity 

Talk about the colours and textures of your sensory bag and explore them together. Follow your child’s lead and add in learning about their interests.

Learning opportunities

  • Builds fine motor skills as they push, pull and squeezy the pouches
  • Promotes cognitive development through sensory play
  • Develops their language skills as you use different words and phrases

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