Under the sea | seahorse craft for kids

Fish out the craft supplies that have been hidden in the back of the craft cupboard and use them to create your own seahorse family

Suitable for: 2 Years+
Set up: 15 mins


  • Card
  • Pencil
  • Anything you can find to decorate your seahorse, anything form paint to glue to pencils

The set up

Use a pencil to draw a rough outline of as many seahorses as you like and cut them out. Gather all your resources and show of your creative flare as you style up each seahorse.

Playing with the activity

We used watercolours for our seahorses which Ayla loved! We spoke about the seahorses different body parts. Ayla asked what the seahorses poo look liked (can you tell we are in the poo is amazing phase!) So I read off some seahorse facts as she decorated her seahorses. 

As she decorated them she asked me to pretend to be the seahorse so I used my best seahorse voice to encourage Ayla to talk about the colours she was using and how they changed as they were mixed together. 

Follow your child’s lead and talk about the different resources you have available to you. 

Activities like this are great for;

  • Promoting early writing skills as they make marks with craft materials
  • Building a knowledge of the world around them as you talk about the animal you are decorating 
  • Developing the skill of preplanning, as they work out what they want to use each material for before they use it.
  • Encouraging creativity to use materials in different ways.

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