Toddler Chicken Activity For Physical Development.

Finding a fun chicken activity for your toddler that they will actually engage with is no easy feat! So if your preschooler loves posting, rolling, throwing or anything to do with movement this chicken activity is likely to get them playing.

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What this fun hen activity will teach your toddler

. Develops hand-eye coordination as they tilt the chicken to feed him the balls.
. Boosts problem solving as they learn the best way to feed the chicken.
. Encourages trial and error as your preschooler misses the chicks mouth but continues to try.
. Supports an understanding of cause and effect as your toddler sees how their movements effect the flow of the balls.

You’ve added this to your chicken lesson plan but how do you make it?


  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Red, Orange and Black Pen
  • Scissors or Stanley Knife
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Ball Pit Balls

The Set Up

Cut the cardboard to size mine was 12″ by 15″, using the pencil draw a large circle for the chickens mouth as well as the chickens outline with all his details. Cut out the circle you have drawn, it should be plenty big enough for the ball pit balls to fit through. Using the black pen trace along all of the pencil marks left behind, then colour in his beak orange and his comb and wattle red. (Yes I had to google what the red things were called!) Cut four strips of card board at about an inch wide and use the hot glue gun to stick them to all four sides of the cardboard, these will act as you edges so the balls don’t just roll off.

Once the glue has set and you are happy with your design add the balls and you are ready to go!

Words, phrases and questions to use during their play.

As we create activities and for our preschoolers it creates an opportunity to expand on their language skills. Here are some words and phrases you can use, but remember to let your toddler explore the activity without interruption when they are fully focused!

“Through his mouth”
“He ate it”
“Oops missed it, try again”
“Hungry chicken”
“little tip”
“Can you feed him the red ball?”
“How many balls are left?”

Of course there are many more phrases that can be used but that should start you off! Most importantly follow your child’s lead and see what language you can include as you play together.

What other animals will work with this activity?

Anything with a mouth!! How about a bear, pig, person or even a giraffe!

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