The Bang Box

What’s Popping In ‘The Bang Box’?

  • A Sensory Mark Making Kit
  • Surprise Fireworks Display
  • Glow Sticks
  • Cutting The Line Activity
  • Recipe Card


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More Customer Reviews!

Shelby Priestley 

“William is loving his Boo Box!! Perfect way to finish the day off!”

Kiera Mcclenaghan 

“Can’t wait to have a spooktacular halloween at home tomorrow thanks to Emily – the boo box is amazing 🎃👻🧡

Sensory Exploration

Creating invitations to play that involves any kind of sensory investigations boosts our little ones brain development.

Family Time

Making memories in the comfort of your own home is made super easy as you explore the box together.


With everything you need and the activities ready to go all you need to do is grab the box and get ready to play!