Sticker Line Up

Suitable for 2 years +
Set up time; 5 minutes

. Sticker dots
. Paper
. Pen
. Masking tape (optional)

The set up;
You can tape this onto the end of a kitchen unit or a wall if you like but this activity works on a table or the floor too. Use the masking tape to tape to the wall or kitchen unit, then use a pen to draw a few different lines. Help your little on take the stickers off the sheet if they need support, and explore the activity together.

How to make the most of this activity.
This activity is great for working them fine motor skills, the lines offer your child the opportunity to stick the stickers on them if they like which develops their knowledge of different marks and lines. Ayla chose not to follow the lines but she worked really hard on sticking the dots on the paper (they kept sticking to her fingers and were really quite fiddly.) We used phrases like; it’s stuck, sticky, straight line, zig zag ect. As well as, naming the colours of the dots and the position she stuck the sticker; under, over, on top ect.

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