Snowflake Activity For Preschoolers

This snowflake activity for preschoolers is a great winter themed activity to explore while working on their fine motor skills. This activity can be done over and over again or you can use it as a snowflake craft to display at the window.

snowflake activity for preschoolers

What You Will Need For This Snowflake Idea

  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Beads
  • Scissors

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Setting Up The Snowflake Craft For Your Preschool

Cut the pipe cleaner into three pieces, wrap the pipe cleaners around each other to create a snowflake shape. Lay out a selection of beads and decorate your own snowflake.

You could use this simply as a snowflake craft to practice fine motor skills or you could draw a snowflake on some paper and use pens that match the colour of the beads and create your own pattern for your child to mimic. Or you could ask your child to put a certain number of beads onto each arm of the snow flake to practice counting and number recognition.

Snowflake Activities Like This Are Great For;

Boosting fine motor skills as your child threads the beads onto the snowflake.

Encouraging creativity as they figure out what coloured beads to use to decorate the snowflake.

Promoting pattern recognition as they notice repeating patterns on the snowflakes using the beads.

Supporting communication and language as you explore the snowflake activity together using different words and phrases.

Another Snowflake Activity For Preschoolers

snowflake activity for preschoolers

Resources You Will Need.

  • Wool or String
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Masking Tape
  • Ball Pit Ball

How To Set Up This Snowflake Activity.

Take the paper and scissors and make a simple snowflake pattern, tape the snowflake onto the ball pit ball. Now take your string and tape it using the masking tape to the ceiling then cut the string just above your child’s reach! Loosely tape the ball pit ball onto the string and your are ready to go!

Activities Like This Are Great For;

Promoting gross motor skills as they jump to catch the snowflake

Encouraging communication and language and you explore the activity together using different words and phrases.

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