Small World Bonfire Night.

Our Review.
I carved one pumpkin house and painted it and the other I just painted and drew on it! Ayla absolutely loved this activity, I left it out for about 3 days and Ayla played with it every day multiple times a day! She spent time filling and emptying the car, hiding the people in the carved pumpkin and even began to pretend to be a few of the people saying “knock knock” before posting the people into the pumpkin. We also developed a few simple concepts, she picked up each pumpkin and called the pumpkin that hadn’t been carved “heavy”

. Pumpkin.
. Dyed rice (or another sensory bin filler).
. Figures (mine are happyland).
. Poster paint paint.
. Permanent marker.
. If you want to carve the pumpkin (you don’t have to) draw your design with pen, I cut the bottom of the pumpkin off and took all the insides out. leaving the seeds to one side so we could use them to play with too.
. Once your pumpkin is ready (carved or not) paint a base colour and leave to dry, this can take a few coats depending on the colour.
. When the paint is dry draw on the details for the house this can be as simple or as complex as you like! Maybe older children can even help you?!
. You are ready to set up your tray, I used red leaves for fire and green dyed rice for grass.

Learning Opportunities.
. Communication and Language.
. Mathematics.
. Understanding the World.
. Expressive Arts and Design.

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