Sensory Play Book Bundle

Your Worries Solved

  • Every recipe tells you a rough estimate on price so you know how much the set up will cost.
  • The time estimate tells you how long it will take to make the recipe base so you can fit it into your daily routine.
  • The messy scale tells you exactly how much messy the sensory base could be so there are no unwelcome surprises.
  • It also lets you know how many times a base can be used so you know if it’s worth saving for an even quicker set up next time.
  • Multiple use base? It even tells you how to store the base and how many uses you can get out of it before making a fresh batch.
  • Can you prep the base the night before? The book will let you know!
  • Age rating so you know if the sensory base is suitable for your little one.
  • Every invitation to play also tells you exactly what areas of learning it meets.

Mess Stresses Me Out

Sensory play can cause additional stress for those of us that find mess triggering! Which is why the book has a whole chapter dedicated to the top tips and tricks I have learnt along the way in my sensory play journey. Every sensory base recipe also tells you exactly how to clean that specific recipe so you know exactly how to handle it!

I Have Children Of Different Ages Playing

When you have one child taste testing with an older sibling ensuring the play is safe for both parties is essential. With 12 taste safe sensory play bases you will have plenty of options to try out without limiting your older child’s creativity and learning. Also check out the chapter on increasing learning to learn how to make one activity work for all children playing.

Chapters Dedicated To…

  • Introducing sensory play to children who don’t like getting messy
  • Creating sensory set ups with things you already have
  • How to boost your child’s learning during sensory play
  • Your role during sensory play
  • Why your child doesn’t need Insta worthy set ups
  • The benefits of sensory play
  • What is the best tray to use for sensory play?
  • Containing and tidying any sensory play mess.