Room On The Broom Activities For Preschoolers.

Ayla absolutely loves room on the broom, in fact she has been able to read the story from memory since she was about three! So recreating a few room on the broom activities was the perfect way to extend on her story telling ability, practice her memory recall and improve her concentration skills.

So if Room on the broom is a favorite story in your house find some ideas below for your child.

Room On The Broom Witch Activity.

Working on your preschoolers fine motor skills

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Sharpies
  • Spaghetti
  • Orange Food Dye
  • Zip Lock Bag
  • Play Dough Scissor (or any other child safe scissors)
Setting Up The Room On The Broom Activities.

Draw the witches face onto the cardboard using the sharpies and colour her in, once you are happy with the design cut out the witch and place her to one side.

Next take the spaghetti and cook it according to the instruction on the packet. Drain and rinse the spaghetti using cold water and tip the spaghetti into the zip lock bag.

Tip in a few drops of orange food colouring into the bag with the spaghetti (I had actually run out of orange so I had to use red! oops) Seal the bag pushing out most the air, shake and move the spaghetti around until you are happy with the colour, adding more food colouring if needs be.

Once the spaghetti is the colour your looking food rinse it under cold water again and drain off any excess water before adding it into the tray.

Finally lay the cardboard with in the tray and shape the hair to come from the back of her head like a pony tail and add the scissors ready for your little one to do some snipping.

How Ayla Played

Ayla loved this activity, she spent time carefully cutting the spaghetti saying “I’m cutting your hair witch!” as she went. We also spoke about all the different lengths of spaghetti.

Once Ayla began to loose interest I added in a cup and spoon for her to play with which was used to make the witch worm soup!

Eventually Ayla decided that squeezing the spaghetti as hard as she good was the best way to explore the texture especially because it made a funny squelchy sound as it was squashed.

Activities like this are great for;

Encouraging cognitive development as they explore the sensory texture of the spaghetti.

Supporting imagination and creativity as you link the activity back to room on the broom and talk about where she might go to have her hair cut.

Promoting fine motor skills as they use the scissors to snip the spaghetti, pick up individual pieces using their thumb and finger as well as squeezing it with their hands.

Boosting mathematical language as you talk about the different lengths of spaghetti.

Room On The Broom Dragon Ideas.

Fire Breathing Dragon

Find the Full Details Here

Activities Like this Are Great For;

Supporting creativity as they use the resources they have to create a dragon

Encouraging fine motor skills as the glue, stick and draw.

Boosting knowledge of cause and effect as they blow through the tube and see the tissue paper move

Find The Full Details Here

Activities Like this are great for;

Promoting knowledge of cause and effect as the dragon travels up and down the string.

Encouraging dual movements because they have to pull both strings to make the dragon fly.

Building on their problem solving skills as they work out the best way to make the dragon move up the string.

More Room On The Broom Activities For Preschool


What does room on the broom teach us?

Room on the broom opens up the ideas of friendships, helping others and team work. Each animal plays a roll in helping the witch find her missing item and in return the witch lets the animal join her on the broom. When the witch is in trouble all of the animals then work together to form a scary monster and save the witch.

what age is room on the broom suitable for?

3+ Years

How many animals are in room on the broom?

Four animals and the witch. The cat, dog, bird and frog.

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