Pudsey Bear – Colour Sort

Our Review.
It’s that time of year where we prepare for children in need! So why not make a Pudsey bear colour sort. Ayla didn’t sort the colours too much but it was more about offering the opportunity. She did however spend time building towers with the blocks and hiding under the scarfs!

. Scrap cardboard.
. Paint.
.PVA glue
. Toys that match the coloured Pudsey spots.
First draw and cut out two outlines of bear faces out of the cardboard.
On one face draw his details (his patch with spots, eyes, ect.) This will be the front piece.
Cut out the spots on the front piece.
Glue your front and back bear faces together. Detailed side up!
Decorate your Pudsey bear, I used paint.
Leave to dry and get ready to play!

Learning Opportunities.
. Communication and Language.
. Physical Development.
. Mathematics.
. Expressive Arts and Design.

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