Penguin Feed.

Our Review.
Ayla has been showing an interest in numbers recently so I made up a penguin feeding template. The aim was for Ayla to feed penguin one 1 fish, penguin two 2 fish and so on. I pretended the penguin of choice was talking and asked for how ever many fish it wanted, she successfully did one and two but lost interest by the third penguin! She did however mimic me and pretend the penguin was talking. “Yuck” said one penguin “Mummy eat it” as she passed the fish to another penguin and smacked her lips together pretending the penguin was eating it.

. Free printable (click the link at the bottom of the page).
. Paper.
. Laminator (optional).
Print and cut the penguins and fish (laminate if you want to), lay the penguins and the fish out. Depending on your child’s ability offer as much or as little help as you like. If Ayla fed the penguin too many fish it would push the extra fish away and say “yuck too many, I just need *insert whatever number*”

Learning Opportunities.
. Communication and Language.
. Mathematics.
. Expressive Arts and Design (imagination).

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