Painting With Gravity Activity For Preschoolers

Painting with gravity is a great way to explore the gravitational pull that is all around us. As they squeeze the paint onto the card they can visually see the impact gravity has on the world around us.

Painting with gravity

Resources For This Gravity Experiment For Your Kid.

  • Pipette
  • Card or paper (card would work best though)
  • Paint
  • Water
  • A small bowl for each colour
  • Baking tray
  • Magnets
  • Kitchen roll to catch the left over paint mixture

What We Used During This Activity.

The pipette is from this pack, all of the tools here are amazing at supporting fine motor development, and can be used in most sensory activities.

The Link is an affiliate link, if you purchase the tools after clicking this link I will receive a small commission.

Setting Up For The Gravity Art.

Using a spare bowl or box to prop the baking tray up so it’s at an angle. Next Place the card on top of the baking tray and use the magnets to secure it in place.

Squeeze a good drop of paint into one of the bowls, add some water and mix it together. You want it to be runny enough that the paint will run down your picture while leaving some colour behind. Place some kitchen roll at the bottom of the slope to catch any extra paint, grab the pipette of paintbrush and you are ready to do some painting with gravity.

Painting with gravity

Making The Most Of Using Gravity To Paint.

Ayla loved exploring the pipette. While she was focused, I remained quiet, allowing her to test her own ideas. As she squeezed the mixture onto the paper she said “mummy look”! We watched as the paint ran down to the bottom of the picture. When asked why the paint wasn’t staying where it was put she said she didn’t know. I explained that gravity pulls the paint all the way down the picture which she remembered throughout the activity.

She squeezed the pipette fast and slow and watched as in the paint moved in and out of the pipette. I asked her a few times why the paint wasn’t staying where she put it. She said “gravity, that’s why when we jump we don’t got to go up”. (I had explained that gravity keeps us on the ground which is why when we jump we don’t float up into the sky). Ayla then went on to pour both colours into the same bowl and mixed them together to see what colour she could make.

Painting With Gravity Is Great For;

Supporting Communication and Language as we talk through the activity together.

Boosting Fine Motor Skills as they squeeze the pipette to suck up the paint and then release it onto the paper.

Promoting Understanding the World as we talk about how gravity works.

Encouraging Creativity as they explore the different marks and colours they can make on the paper.

Pendulum Painting Activity.

Painting With Gravity
  • Wool or string
  • Felt
  • Stapler
  • Plastic cups
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Paper (I used wrapping paper)
  • Something to hang the cups on (I used my watching line)

Cut your felt into strips and staple them onto your cups to make a handle. Pierce a few holes in the bottle using the cups using the scissors. Tie the string around the handle you have created and then tie the other end to your line so your cups are hanging. Place your paper underneath, I used stones to hold it down so the wind didn’t blow it away! And you are ready to go! Once your children are ready pour paint into the cups and watch the creativity begin.


To be honest I literally sat back with a cup of tea and let the girls explore this one together. Ayla hit the cups with an open hand while grace shook the cups using the string. Towards the end the girls ended up; crawling, walking and exploring the paint with their whole bodies.


Physical development – Using different movements to leave marks. Controlling body movements and developing hand eye coordination.
Cause and effect – How does the paint drip when you push it gently or hard, you shake it or swirl it.
Creativity – exploring what they can create through colour and movement
Sensory play – supporting their brains to create and make them neural pathways stronger.

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