Jungle Numbers | Number Recognition Activity For Preschoolers

Help the ladybirds find their leaves to keep them safe while practicing that number recognition at the same time! 

Suitable for: 2 years +
Set up: 15 Minutes


  • Green and red card
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Black pen
  • Blu tac 
  • Wool (optional) 
  • Masking tape (optional)

The Set Up

On the green card cut out three rough leaf shapes and cut them out, now take your red card and draw 6 circles and cut them out. Decorate the red circles to look like lady birds, giving one lady bird one spot, two ladybirds two spots and three ladybirds three spots. Pop and small amount of blu tac on the back of each lady bird.

If you want to hang the leaves 
Use the hole punch to put a hole at the bottom of each leaf. Tide one end of your wool to the leaf and tape the other end onto the ceiling using your masking tape, making sure your little one can reach the leaf to stick the ladybirds on.  

Making The Most Of The Activity

Take a look at each lady bird one at a time, counting their spots and looking at the leaves. Look at the leaves together, asking your little one to find the correct leaf for each lady bird. Once they have found the correct leaf encourage them to stick the ladybird on his leaf.

Learning Opportunities

  • Mathematics
  • Communication and Language

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