Indoor Puddle Jumping.

Our Review.
Ayla loves jumping! Mixed with her current obsession with Peppa pig why not create some indoor puddles! The aim was to develop Ayla’s coordination when jumping by giving her something to aim for. Ayla tried to jump onto each puddle, sometimes successfully. But after a few attempts she made up her own game and jumped in circles as well as having a big run up and jumping into the puddles.

. Paper.
. Tape.
. Cut out puddle shapes out of paper
. Tape them to the floor
. JUMP! You really can make this as complex or as simple as you like. For older children you can add colours, numbers, pictures or even phonics sounds.

Learning Opportunities.
. Communication and Language.
. Physical Development.
. Literacy (if adapted).
. Mathematics (if adapted).
. Expressive arts and Design.

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