How To Make Moon Sand For Sensory Play

How To Make Moon Sand Taste Safe.

There is a slight chance of contracting E. coli and other bacteria from consuming raw flour. To remove this bacteria, lay out the required flour on a baking tray and cook it in the oven for 5-10 minutes at 180c/350f. Leave the flour to cool before using it in the recipe.

Once the flour has been baked the recipe it taste-safe, which makes it perfect for younger children especially those who are still taste-testing to explore. I can’t promise it will taste nice though!


Use Before
1 Month


Air-tight Container

Mess Scale

6 months +


Can Prep
Night Before

How To Make Moon Sand For Sensory Play

Just Grab

  • 2½ cups or 315g of plain flour
  • ½ cup or 120 ml of veg oil


  1. Pour the flour and oil into the bowl and mix them.
  2. Moon sand is like damp sand. If you gently push it together, it should hold its shape but not be sticky. Once you are happy with the texture, you are good to go.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Up Moon Sand?

Cleaning Up Your Child

Remove any clothes your child was wearing and pop them into the wash. Use a damp flannel to clean any excess moon sand off their body and hands.

Cleaning Up A Small Tray

Tip any excess moon sand into an air-tight container and seal. Place the tray in the sink and rinse it with warm soapy water.

Cleaning A Large Tray

Scoop the excess moon sand into an air-tight container and seal. Use a dustpan and brush to sweep up any leftover moon sand and tip it into the bin. Finally, wipe the tray over with an ani-bac wipe.

Cleaning The Surrounding Area

Sweep up any spilt moon sand and pop it into the bin, then give the surrounding area a quick wipe with an anti-bac wipe.


Moon sand is a similar consistency to kinetic sand, this one can be used as a taste-safe option.

Moon Sand Sensory Play Ideas

Moon Sand Activity

Moon Sand Activity

Moon Sand Activity

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