Halloween Sensory Bin | Edible Monster Slime

This Halloween sensory bin is sure to be a winner with your preschooler. Gloop is well loved in this house, I’ve lost count of how many different ways I have set it up for Ayla but this time I thought we should go for a monster twist.

Halloween Monster Gloop.

Busy Toddler Play Halloween Sensory Bin Ideas.


  • Corn flour
  • Water
  • Green Paint or Food Colouring
  • Googly Eyes

The Set Up

Mix a squirt of green paint and 1 cup of water together, once you are happy with the colour pour the corn flour into the tray and slowly add the green water. Gloop is runny when you are gently with it and crumbles when you are rough with it. if it’s too crumbly add a little more water, if it’s too runny add more corn flour. Finally add the googly eyes and you are ready to play.

Activities Like This Are Great For;

Promoting cognitive development through sensory play.

Supporting fine motor skills as they pick up the googly eyes.

Building on their mathematical language as they count the googly eyes and talk about more and less.

Encouraging problem solving as they work out the best way to pick up the googly eyes.

Monster Halloween sensory bin

Monster Activities Sensory Bag For Toddlers.

Adapt this Halloween sensory bin.

If you love the idea of this activity but you would like it to be mess free simply pour the gloop into a ziplock bag, pushing most of the air out as your seal the top. Use some duct tape to seal the top and prevent any leakages and play away.

Activities like this are great for;

Supporting cognitive development with the sensory play.

Building fine motor skills as they squeeze and love the eyes around in the bag.

Promoting problem solving skills as they work out the best way to move the eyes.

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What age are sensory bins for?

You can start exploring sensory play from birth, you’ll probably get the most use out of a sensory bin once your little one can sit so I would say from 6 months+.

What do you put in a Halloween sensory bin?

It all depends on your child’s age and development really! If they are still taste testing go for bigger items that are safe for the to explore with the sensory bin filler being something edible like; cooked pasta, cooked spaghetti or jelly.
The gloop in the activity is edible too, although I would swap the googly eyes out for something like raisins.

How do you make a sensory bin for Halloween?

Once you have worked out what you want your sensory filler to be you can start thinking about what your child enjoys doing as they play.
Do they like pouring? Then add some cauldrons and scoops.
Do they like posting? Then maybe make up a monster that they can feed.
Be creative and follow your little ones lead, of course adding a spooky twist for that Halloween twist.

What can I put in a sensory bin?

The choices are pretty endless. Think about your child’s needs, do they like exploring their their mouth still? if so make the filler taste safe.
Do they mind getting messy? If they don’t, create something that won’t stick to their hands and provide scoops so they don’t have to get messy.

In terms of what items to add in alongside the sensory filler. Make sure they are easy to clean and follow your child’s interests, if they like colour sorting add lots of different colours, If they like fine motor skills add in some tweezers.

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