Flowers In Gloop

Benefits of Playing With Flowers In Gloop

  • Problem Solving Skills: As they discover that the gloop holds on tight to the flower if you try to take it too quickly and releases the flower if you are gentle. 
  • Fine Motor Skills: As they squeeze, scoop and pour the gloop using their hands as well as using their thumb and pointer finger to pluck the flowers from the gloop.
  • Learning To Count: By counting the flowers they have rescued or how many flowers are in the tray you are able to begin to learn the sequence of counting.
  • Colour Recognition: As you explore the different coloured flowers together.
  • Introduction To Different Sizes: By introducing different sized flowers you can begin introducing language like; ‘big’ and ‘small’.

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Making The Gloop

Just Grab:

  1. 250g or 2 1/2 Cups of Corn Flour / Cornstarch
  2. 250ml or 1 Cup of Water
  3. Food Colouring (optional) 


  1.  Fill a jug with 250ml of water then add a few drops of food colouring, mix to combine.
  2. Shake 2 1/2 cups of corn flour into the tray and slowly pour in the water, stopping the mix it occasionally. As the gloop gets thicker it can become tricky to mix with a spoon so it may be easier to use your hands to combine the mixture.
  3. Once the mixture is runny when you are gentle with it and crumbles when you are rough with it you have your gloop.

Creating The Activity

Once you are happy with the consistency of the gloop add in your flowers and any scoops or fine motor tools you would like the use. 

I normally use this activity as an excuse to buy myself a nice bunch of flowers… Once they are past their best I use them within this activity for some messy play fun!

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