Flower Sums.

Suitable for 6+
Set up time; 10 minutes

. Pen
. Paper
. Scissors
. pompoms (or anything similar)

The set up.
Draw as many flowers as you like on your paper, I drew five and gave them all five petals. In the middle write a number, on each petal make up a sum that equals the number you have written in the middle. You can adapt the difficulty of the sums depending on your child’s ability. Cut your flowers out and then cut the petals off of the flower. I left pompoms out so Grace could use them to help her with the sums but you can use balls, sweets or anything really. Lay the middles out and mix the petals up and you are ready to go.

How to get the most out of this activity.
This can be an independent activity or you can do it along side your child. When Grace found one tricky I encouraged her to use the pompoms to help her. For the bigger numbers I quickly counted out the number of pompoms she needed to work it out mainly because she was beginning to lose focus.

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