Suitable for 1 Years +
Set up time: 10 mins

. Ramp. I used boxes and some strips of wood I had in the garage.
. Paper
. Tape
. dish
. Paint
. Plastic egg. You could pull mine in half
. A little bit of rice (optional)

The Set up;
Make a ramp using whatever you can find and tape the paper to it. Fill the eggs with a little rice, this helps them roll and makes them a bit heavier, tape the egg so it’s secure. Squirt a few different colours of paint in the dish. Dip the egg in the paint and watch it roll down the ramp!

How to get the most out of this activity.
This one is great for taking notice of cause and effect as well as the marks that leaves behind. It also offers the perfect opportunity to talk about colours. Use words like; push, roll, down ect but mainly explore this together and see what marks you can leave behind.

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