Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Toddlers

Being a toddler is a funny age, they want to join in but they don’t quite understand all the rules involved. Use these Easter egg hunt ideas for the toddlers in your family this year to ensure no one feels left out!

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Toddlers

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How Do You Plan An Easter Egg Hunt For A 2 Year Old?

What can we expect from our 2 year old at Easter?

They might be grumpy! And that’s ok, it’s a change of routine and it’s something new. Support them as much as they need to be supported until they are happy to be a little more independent.

They are still very much learning how to spot things in their environment, including easter eggs left by the easter bunny! Give them a nudge in the right direction if they need it!

How can you make sure the little ones still get a chance to find some eggs?

Sometimes in all the excitement the bigger kids can forget to include the little kids. Try colour coding the eggs this year so it’s fair for everyone! Let each child pick what coloured egg they are going to search for, the only rule being they can only collect that coloured egg!

Where can I hide the eggs?

Our 2 year old’s are still easily distracted! So you don’t need to be super sneaky about where you hide the eggs, place them in plain sight and help guide your little one towards them if they are struggling.

Alternative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Toddlers

Magnetic Easter Egg Hunt

What You’ll Want To Grab.

Creating The Easter Egg Set Up.

Fill the easter eggs with some magnetic discs, close the egg and test that the magnetic wand sticks to the egg. I found I had to add about 4 for it to work. Fill the tray with the shredded paper and place the eggs into the tray. Explore the tray together; counting the eggs, talking about their colours, what noise they make and how the shredded tissue feels.

Activities like this are great for;

Encouraging colour recognition as you talk about the different coloured eggs.
Promoting counting as you count how many eggs they are collected.
Boosting knowledge of mathematical language as you talk about more and less.
Supporting early science understanding as you explore how the magnetic wand attracts the egg.
Building on cognitive development as you explore the sensory activity together.

Easter Eggs In Water

What You’ll Want To Grab.

Setting Up This Easter Activity.

Fill the storage tub with water, tip in the eggs and place the tray and ladle close by. And that is it, you are ready to go.

Activities Like This Are Great For;

Promoting their imagination as they pretend to cook and serve you some lunch!
Supporting gross motor skills as they scoop, tip and grab the eggs out the water.
Encouraging colour recognition as the match the eggs back up again.
Boosting cognitive development at the explore the water and the eggs.

Snip The Grass

What You’ll Want To Grab;

Setting Up This Easter Activity For Toddlers

Using the coloured pens draw a selection of different easter eggs and colour them in. Now take the glue stick and place a line of glue along the bottom end of the white paper. Lay the green paper on top and rub over the section where you have glues to seal it. Now take your scissors and cut several long strips in the green paper to make it look like grass. Now the the activity is ready for you child to snip away at the grass and reveal the Easter eggs.

Activities Like This Are Great For;

Promoting fine motor skills as they snip away at the paper with the scissors.

Supporting them to count a small amount of items.

Building problem solving skills as they work out the best way to cut the grass

Encouraging bilateral hand control as they hold the green paper with one hand and use the scissor to cut with the other hand.

Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Clues

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Toddlers

Find the ready to print cards here in my Etsy Shop.

  • Starting Clue – A knock at the door where you let people in, Find clue number two and let the fun begin
  • 1 – Under the screen where the pictures move is where you’ll find your next clue
  • 2 – The space where you play is where your next egg will lay.
  • 3 – Where you go each night to rest your head, don’t forget to check under your …!
  • 4 – A nice soft spot to watch tv, but be careful not to sit on me!
  • 5 – A place where you keep your food cold is where you will find your next clue to hold!
  • 6 – Wash your hands to make them clean, then you will see where else I have been.
  • 7 – Where your clothes are kept folded and neat you will find your next treat.
  • 8 – What you put on your feet before you go outside is where the next egg will hide.
  • 9 – Where do you eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner? look underneath and you’ll be onto a winner.
  • Final Clue – Wrap up warm before you go outside but check your pocket for one last surprise!

Backyard Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Your Child

Decorate the garden with signs left by the Easter Bunny to make it even more interactive.
How about going all out and trying balloons to some of the eggs to make it even easier to find the eggs?
Add a glow to each of the eggs by placing a battery powered tea light inside each egg!

Easter Egg Hunt Game.

Scavenger Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Toddlers

This one one is a great way to ensure everyone has the opportunity to collect the same amount of eggs!

Raffle Tickets Easter Egg Hunt.

This is a really fun idea to add an extra special surprise to the easter egg hunt.

Easter Egg Hunt Kit For Those With Little Time But Big Ideas


Signs To Decorate The Garden With.

Baskets To Collect The Eggs!

Eggs To Hunt For;

Chocolate Eggs.

Fill Your Own Eggs.

What Else Can A 2 year old Do For Easter?

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