Easter Chick Card

Suitable for 2 years +
Set up time: 10 minutes

. Card
. Yellow paper
. Glue (we used PVA)
. Scissors
. Pens (to decorate)

The Set up;
Cut the paper into small rectangles and fold them in half. Fold the card stock in half to make a card. Place the folded paper, card and glue on the table and your good to go!

For older children who are beginning to use scissors you don’t need to prep the activity! Help them cut the paper themselves.

How to get the most out of this activity.
I did this activity with Grace (7) and Ayla (2). I laid everything out on the table and explained what the yellow paper could be used for but that is just one idea. Grace chose to stick the paper so it was flat and made a rabbit but then stuck the folded paper inside the card and wrote little notes. Ayla stuck her paper all over her piece of card (which is fine too!). She then wanted to help me make mine which is where I guided her to stick the paper into the circle I had drawn. We spoke about the glue being sticky and how the paper looked like feathers.

Crafts are great for sparking imagination as well as developing fine motor skills. I tend to step back during crafts and let them explore the materials they have, I do however offer guidance if they show interest.

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