Drippy Eggs

If you haven’t already played with gloop you need to!! This set up kept Ayla’s attention for over an hour, not including her helping me make up the gloopy mixture. 

Suitable for: 6 Months +
Set up: 10 Minutes


  • Cornflour/ Cornstarch 
  • Water
  • Paint or food colouring
  • Plastic egg 

The set up

Mix a drop of paint into half a cup of water, do this for as many colours you need. (For children who are still taste testing either use food colouring or skip this step!) In a small bowl mix 1 cup of cornflour and your half a cup of coloured water, again repeat for as many colours as you would like. When the gloop is ready it should crumble when you are rough with it, when you are gentle it should be a liquid. Pour your mixture into a tray and add your plastic eggs.

Making the Most out of the activity 

Talk about the texture of the gloop and what it is doing, follow your little ones lead and add anything extra they would like. Ayla asked for a fairy and a spoon! Ayla spent time spooning the gloop into the eggs and watching as it all dripped out, pretending she was covering the fairy in custard, watching the gloop run down the shower screen and of course covering her arms with gloop.

Learning opportunities

  • Physical Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Expressive Arts and Design
  • Understanding the World

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