DIY An Indoor Hopscotch.

If you are stuck inside on a rainy day this indoor hopscotch is a quick and easy throw together for any child that needs to lose a little bit of energy before they; 1. brake something or 2. hurt themselves! Plus theirs plenty of learning opportunities!

Suitable For: Toddlers Upwards

Set Up: 10 Minutes

Grab This To Make Your Own Indoor Hopscotch.

  • Masking Tape
  • Bean Bag

Making The Indoor Hopscotch.

Use the masking tape to create your very own hopscotch, get your bean bags ready and you are good to go!

Indoor Hopscotch

How We Played The Hopscotch Activity 

Ayla wasn’t at all interested in the numbers at first, so I let her burn off some steam jumping up and down the hopscotch. We took it in turns as I showed her how to do it which she thought was brilliant. Once she was ready I showed her that we could throw the beanbag at a number, jump to it and pick it up, shouting out the number it had landed on! Once she began to loose interest I got her to stand next to me and I shouted out a number, she then had to go and stand on the correct number! We still haven’t quite got their with number recognition but it was definitely a fun way to practice! 

Activities Like This Are Great For;

Promoting speech development as we use a variety of different words and phrases as we explore the activity together.

Supporting gross motor skills as they throw the bean bag, aiming for a number, as well as jumping to the bean bag.

Encouraging number recognition as you explore the numbers together.

Builds an understanding of turn taking as you take it in turns to jump onto the hopscotch squares as well as listening to instructions.

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