Daffodil Spelling

This is a super simple set up to practice some name recognition this spring!! It’s perfect for working on them hand eye coordination skills as you plant each daffodil into it’s correct slot. 

Suitable for: 2 years +
Set up: 20 minutes


  • Yellow card
  • Orange cup cake cases
  • Pritt stick
  • Lollypop sticks
  • Kitchen roll tubes
  • Spare cardboard (I used an empty cereal box)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Pen

The set up

Draw a rough daffodil shape onto your yellow card (I got two out of one piece of A4 card), you want to make one for each letter in your child’s name. Cut them out and use the pritt stick to glue a lollypop stick onto the back of each daffodil head. On the front of the daffodil head glue the cup cake case in the middle of each daffodil. Using a pen write one letter of your child’s name into the centre of each cup cake case.

To make the base cut the front and back off of a cereal box, depending on how long your child’s name is you may need more. Glue them together to make a long thing rectangle. Take your hot glue gun and glue the bottom of the kitchen roll tubes and stick them lengthways onto the cereal boxes. Carefully use a pair of scissors or a knife to cut a slot for each flower to sit in, once everything is dry you are ready to play.

Making the Most out of the activity 

You can make this as easy or as hard as you like. On a piece of paper I wrote Ayla’s name, we looked at each letter one at a time and Ayla correctly found the matching letter and planted it in the correct spot. You can do names, the alphabet or even some simple words it really is up to you.

Learning opportunities

  • Physical Development 
  • Literacy

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