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It's Hard Coming Up With Activities, Right?


However, if you have a background in how children develop, and understand how to map that with school ready aims it becomes much simpler to create engaging activities your child will enjoy.

The issue is that this, takes years to learn and understand, and it doesn’t stop there. New research is being published all the time and keeping up to date with the changes can take a lot of work.

Luckily for you…. Creating activities is what I have been trained to do!

I pack ‘The Cubs Club’ full of activities for your 1-5 year old designed to support all areas of development and to meet your child exactly where they are at. 

When you join ‘The Cubs Club’ I will send the pack directly to your inbox every single month so you can stop trying to think of activities and focus the time you do have with your child, on your child.

£5 a month

With a money back guarantee. 
Let me know within 7 days of purchase if The Cubs Club isn’t right for you and receive a full refund.

Hi! This is me, Emily and my daughter Ayla

Little did I know, within the months to follow after this picture was taken I was going to hit rock bottom. 

I was so overwhelmed with caring for a baby who needed extra support (but that’s a whole other story!) keeping up with housework, friends and family. I so desperately wanted to create engaging activities for Ayla because I knew the amazing impact it would have on her development but I just didn’t have the head space to come up with these activities and the mum guilt hit me hard! 

I was no longer this happy, bubbly person I once was. I was stressed, overwhelmed and juggling all of the plates all of the time and I had to make a change.

So I put all of the plates down and I started from the beginning. I worked out what I actually wanted to achieve for myself as well as for the people around me. 

The biggest thing for me was creating activities for Ayla. I knew how to do it, it’s what my training had taught me. So I put my early years practitioner head on and I set to work; plan, create, play, repeat. 

I will never forget the beaming smile on Ayla’s face the first time I set up cloud dough, in that moment it didn’t matter there was washing to be done, dishes to be washed and phone calls to make. We laughed and played and it’s absolutely one of my most cherished memories. 

Thinking Of Engaging Activities Takes Time

Pinterest is a total minefield when it comes to activities for our children. Which is fine when you have the time to search for though hidden gems. 

Unfortunately time isn’t something we have a lot of between all our other duties as parents. Especially when you have to work out how set it up once you have finally found the perfect activity!

Within ‘The Cubs Club’ I create activities for you and your child to do together. All you need to do is flick through the pages the night before and pull out whatever activity you like the look of. There you will find a list of resources and clear instructions to prepare and set up the activity whenever you get a moment whether it’s the night before, during breakfast or even nap time.

Here Is How The Cub's Club Has Helped Mum Of Two Charley.

“I have been a member of the Cubs Club Pack for almost a month now and have absolutely loved it! I have my hands full with 2 under 2 and struggle to find things to stimulate them whilst trying to juggle feeds etc. Emily is super helpful on the fb page and I have been able to read a few ideas, prep them over night and have a fun activity for my eldest to play with whilst I see to my little girl. He has enjoyed everything we have done so far and I have found him becoming more confident with experiencing new things and touching different textures. In all honesty it’s just as fun for me to get stuck in with him and make some crafts. Would and have recommend to anyone!  “- Charley

Low Cost, Easy Prep Activities

The last thing you want to do is spend a small fortune to set up new activities for your child to play with or spend countless evenings making up just one activity. 

That is why all the activities I create are easy to set up and only use recourses you will either already have or if you do need to buy it won’t cost the earth and it can be used multiple times.

I Have Loved Using The Cubs Club Pack!

“I have LOVED using the Cubs Club pack this month! My daughter is 9 months and I found that most activities were easily adaptable or doable for her age- and those that weren’t successful will definitely be tried or recreated when she is older. There is so much information out there on activities to do with children that it can be quite overwhelming and although I had bought books and done internet research, I found that I didn’t have a reason to do these kinds of activities and would put them off. Using the theme and bingo sheet has really helped me to provide cheap, fun and memorable activities for her nearly every day! I am really looking forward to the next one!”

The Love Of Learning

We want our children to develop a love for learning, because if we can achieve that they will be self motivated to learn through their childhood, teenage years and even into adulthood, and they will excel where ever they find their passion.

But how do we develop that love for learning? 

We provide a rich environment full of appropriate activities that allow them to explore the world around them with the safety of our support and guidance. In doing this our children will not only build on the skills they will need to play a role in their community but it will also increase their confidence, problem solving skills and independence. 

These three skills are key to being a motivated learner, if we lack the confidence, problem solving skills or independence to over come obstacles that will inevitably come up over the course of our lifetime we are going to be stopped in our tracks.

Learning Through Play

Children learn through play, if you sit back and watch children when they are fully engaged in play they will push themselves to the very limits of their knowledge to test new theories they have.

There are 4 types of play; independent, child led, adult guided and adult led.

Now independent play is great it allows children to practice the skills that they already know, however without adult support children may take longer to achieve new skills.

This is where child led and adult guided play come in, and this is where ‘The Cubs Club’ focuses its support.

Child led play means we are present within our children’s play but they are the directors, we are simply guided by them and offer meaningful support to extend their ideas and learning. Adult guided play is much the same however we set up an activity that wouldn’t naturally come up within our children’s play. Again we offer support and guidance to help our children develop new skills that they can then take away and play with independently and improve on.

When adults offer meaningful contributions to play we help to extend our children’s learning in a way that is appropriate for them. With each activity in ‘The Cubs Clubs’ I include a few words, phrases and questions you could use within the activity so you have a base line to work with.

Snap shot of the cubs club

  • List of Resources so you can easily plan what you need ahead of time.
  • Step by step set up instructions so you know exactly what you are doing. 
  • A list of learning opportunities each activity offers.
  • Supporting you in making the most out of each activity by suggesting words, phrases and even questions you could use.
  • You can print out ‘The Cubs Club’ too and add your very own picture to the bottom of each activity you do together.