Suitable for 1 years +
Set up time: 10 minutes

. Baking tray
. Balls
. Paper
. Coloured pens or pencils that match the ball colours

The set up;
Cut your paper into strips and draw 4 circles (or however many columns your baking tray has) Colour the circles in to match the coloured balls you have found. Lay the strips of paper on the floor with the baking tray and the balls and your ready to go.

If this activity is too challenging place the coloured circles at the bottom of each hole and match the balls that way. If this is too easy draw arrows or symbols on the balls with a washable pen, and add the symbols to your strips of paper so they have to match the colours and the correct symbols. To improve fine motor skills you can add in some kitchen tongs to pick the balls up with.

How to get the most out of this activity.
Ayla needed a fair bit of support for this activity so we sat down together and worked out where each ball needed to go to match the paper. Once we had done it once Ayla wanted to fill the tray up and pretend she had made hot chocolate which is fine! We counted how many hole where left and how many were full as well as talking about colours. Use phrases and words like; two more, less, match, in and out.

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