Our Review.
Ayla LOVES pouring! This idea was inspired by one of her Christmas books called ‘Jingle spells’. The little witch makes Santa and his team of elves a special potion to fix their colds! So Ayla had a turn herself.We did lots of squeezing, pulling and pouring. Which is great for both fine and gross motor development as well as making the bathroom smell amazing! We counted the oranges and Lemons into the cups and pretended to be cured by Ayla’s magical potion!

NOTE: Citrus can irritate sensitive skin so I wouldn’t recommend this activity for children with sensitive skin. Once we had finished playing I also rinsed Ayla off with clean water to wash off any citrus to avoid it sitting on her skin.

. Oranges and Lemons
. Water
. Scoops and cups
Cut the oranges into slices and wedges, add to water.
Add you scoops and cups and get ready to play!

Learning Opportunities.
. Communication and Language.
. Physical Development
. Mathematics.
. Expressive Arts and Design.

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