Christmas Tree Pompom Push

Our Review.
This has been a massive hit! I totally stepped back and let Ayla explore this herself! She instantly started posting the pompoms through the top, she likes to load a few in before she pushes them all the way through and the then watches them bounce down the tree. This activity took a matter of minutes to set up! Its been up a week now and she still posts a pompom in each time she walks past.

. 4 Kitchen Roll Tubes
. Pompoms
. Tape
. Scissors
. Cut one end of a kitchen roll off the make the top of the tree.
. Cut the rest in half to make a gutter type shape.
. Tape the top of your tree in the center of a hard surface, I used the end of our kitchen island.
. Tape the gutter shapes either side of the top to create a Christmas tree shape.

Learning Opportunities.
. Physical Development.
. Mathematics.
. Understanding the World.

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