Christmas Tree Painting.

Our Review.
Ayla wasn’t so sure about using the off cuts of Christmas tree to paint with!
She asked for a paintbrush so she used a mixture of both.
I spoke about the colours, Ayla named each colour sometimes correctly and she would ask for more once she had run out of paint! Ayla breifly used the Christmas tree off cut to make marks but she wasn’t keen. I’m not sure if it was the texture or if it just wasn’t doing what she wanted but she asked for ‘brush’ so we added some paintbrushes into the mix.

. Christmas tree off cuts.
. Card or paper.
. Paint.
Offer the Christmas tree off cut but be flexible, if they don’t want it try something different. Encourage your little one to choose the colours by either pointing or saying the colour. Talk about needing more paint and the marks being left by the off cuts and even how the off cuts feel.

Learning Opportunities.
. Communication and Language.
. Physical Development.
. Literacy.
. Mathematics.
. Expressive Arts and Design.

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