Chickpea Potion.

Our Review.
Ayla spent ages filling and emptying the plastic bottles, we were practicing how to twist the lid on and off. She managed to twist the lid on but she couldn’t then undo it so we will continue to work on that skill! We also worked on colours of the pompoms, Ayla is getting quite good at finding red and blue from a small group and seems to be really interested in colours at the moment too. Even Grace (7) loves Sensory bins, I told her we had been making potions, in no time at all we was serving me up potions to turn me into all sorts of creatures!

. Chickpeas (£1.15).
. Poster paint.
. Tray with sides (I used a tuff tray but you can use a box or a inflatable sand tray).
. Loose parts to make potions! I added in bottles, bugs, pompoms and kitchen utensils.
To colour the chickpeas I split them into three different bowls (one bowl for each colour) squirted in some paint and gave it a mix until all the chickpeas were covered. I then layed them out on a baking tray to dry and they were ready to go!

NOTE: This activity isn’t taste safe. Adult supervision is required.

Learning Opportunities.
. Communication and Language.
. Physical Development.
. Mathematics.
. Understanding the World.
. Expressive Arts and Design.

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