Cereal As A Sensory Play Base

What Are The Benefits Of Cereal Play?

Cereal makes for a great sensory bin filler for babies and toddlers who are still taste-testing but also preschoolers who are less likely to put things in their mouth. Cereal can be used to help develop children’s physical development as they scoop it into cups and bowls, pour it out again or use tools to crush it. Their imagination can come to life as they use animals to create a small world scene or even as they serve to ‘hot chocolate’ at their cafe. Take a look below for even more ideas and developmental opportunities.


Use Before
3 days


Air-tight Container

Mess Scale

6 Months +


On The Day

Using Different Types Of Cereal

Hoops like cheerios, or choco hoops can be used for;

  • Threading onto pipe cleaners or wool developing fine motor skills.
  • Crushing the cereal with tools to develop Letter, Number or shape tracing

Chocolate boulders like Nesquik

  • Scooping and pouring to develop physical development and imagination
  • Construction site to develop imagination

Cereals can also be combined within a tray to create different textures, see the bottom of the post to explore more sensory bin using cereal. 

Crushing Cereal To Make Taste-safe Sand

Crushed cereal makes a great taste-safe sand alternative for toddlers. Simply pour the cereal into a blender and blend it until you are happy with the consistency, if you don’t have a blender you could also use a rolling pin to crush it. 

What Is The Best Way To Clean Up Cereal After Sensory Play

Cleaning your child.

Wash their hands in the sink to remove any excess crumbs.

Cleaning A Small Tray.

Tip the leftover cereal into an airtight container and wipe the tray with an anti-bac wipe.

Cleaning A Large Tray.

Scoop the leftover cereal into an airtight container, use a brush and dustpan to sweep up any excess crumbs and wipe the tray with an anti-bac wipe.

Cleaning The Surrounding Area.

Sweep up any excess cereal from the area.

Cereal Sensory Play Ideas

Cereal Activity

Cereal Activity

Cereal Activity

More Ideas

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