Bird Activities For Preschool | Fine Motor Skills.

This is the perfect fine motor skill activity to try out when your looking for some bird themed activities for preschool or toddlers! Throw in some numbers for number recognition or cut the ‘worms’ different lengths to explore different measurements and sizes or even write a letter on each Robins red chest to work on their letter recognition.

Bird Activities for preschool

Resources For This Robin Activity

  • Egg Box
  • Brown, Red, Yellow and Black Pens
  • Scissors
  • Pink Pipe Cleaners
  • Jumbo Tweezers (optional)

Setting Up The Bird Activity For Your Preschooler

Turn the egg box upside down and draw red semi circle onto each cup, this will be the robins chest. Draw a small beak above each semi circle and colour the rest of each egg cup brown. Remember to give each robin some eyes too!

Use the scissors to poke a small hole into each egg cup where you have draw the beak. Poke the pipe cleaner through the hole to make sure it fits.

Now take your pipe cleaner and cut it into six pieces, these are your worms! Grab the jumbo tweezers and numbers or letters if you are using them and your bird activity is ready to go.

Activities Like This Bird Activity For Preschool Are Great For;

Boosting fine motor skills as they push the pipe cleaner into the birds mouth.

Supporting number recognition by exploring numbers and counting together.

Encouraging understanding the world as you talk about what birds like to eat and where they find the worms.

Promoting communication and language as you explore the activity together and use a variety of different words and phrases.

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