Balloon Whack.

Suitable for 6 months +
Set up time: 5 minutes

. Balloon
. Wool or string
. Masking tape
. Scissors
. Kitchen roll tube (optional)

The set up;
Blow up the balloon and tie a knot. Tie the end of the wool to the balloon. Now measure how long you want the wool to be, I cut mine so the balloon hung from the ceiling to just above Ayla’s head height. When your happy cut the wool and stick the end to the ceiling using masking tape. Add the kitchen roll tube as a bat and you are good to go!

P.s. Our balloon has a pig drawn on it but that’s just because we used it for a sorting activity no decoration is needed, I promise!

How to get the most out of this activity.
Explore how the balloon moves together, we looked at how the balloon moved when you hit it hard or gently. This activity is great for hand eye coordination, movement and cause and effect. Use words like, Hard, gentle, up and down. As well as explaining what you can see “watch it bounce off the wall!”. Best of all it burns off some energy!

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