About us!

A Little Bit About Me.


 I’m Emily and I am so pleased you found your way here! I am the founder of Child’s Play Activities. I love anything where I can get my creative head on and get lost in making something…. until motherhood calls of course! 

I started Child’s Play to drag me out of a hole if I’m totally honest with you! I always wanted to become a mother, in my innocents I thought it would be all play and having a great time (even I roll my eyes! I mean who was going to maintain the house and cook dinner). But I couldn’t let that vision go and the mum guilt would take over so one night I sat down and I wrote down everything I thought a good mum should be. I worked out what was realistic and I set to work on making the realistic happen! And you know what. It worked! I still have my off days but the good days 100% our weigh the bad. 

 I have always been passionate about play and that has only grown since seeing the amazing impact regular child and adult led activities has had on Ayla’s development. I aim for cheap and simple set ups maybe with a little DIY thrown in! So check out some of our activities and I can’t wait to hear about your own amazing adventures into play!