5 Garden Activities To Do This Spring.

Spring has sprung! The weather is getting warmer so lets move some activities outside. But what can you do? Well here are five super simple set ups to keep your toddler or preschooler happy.

Shadow Drawing.

This set up will take a matter of minutes and all you need is some paper, a pen or pencil and something to make a shadow! oh and maybe some stones to hold the paper down. 

This one is great for working on early writing and fine motor skills as well as exploring how the shadows change throughout the day!

Maybe they can use playdough and things they can find in the garden to create their very own shadow monster. 

Painting with Water.

Ayla loves anything water based so painting with water was always going to be a win for her! Again with one takes minutes to set up and you only need some water, paintbrushes and a fence or wall to splash! 

This is great for early writing because they can experiment with movements and marks left behind. The vertical surface also allows water to run and drip which gives even more opportunity to explore how the world around them works.


Planting Flowers.

Why not explore all of the beautiful colours that come with spring and plant some flowers! 

Using a tools to fill the plant pot offers a chance to work on hand eye coordination as well as using one handed tools! But you can also explore mathematical language by talking about more, less, empty and full ect. 

For older children you can plant seeds which offers an opportunity to learn about growth and development, or for toddlers plant a flower. Don’t forget to water them together to keep them happy and healthy! 

Water Play.

Water play offers endless opportunities for learning! In this picture we used slices of cucumber as islands and boats for the insects to sit on. But you can add flowers, sticks, leaves or any plastic toys really. 

Watch how the water moves, make big and little splashed. What sinks and what floats? or simply just add jugs and bowls and practice some gross motor skills.

Obstacle Course.

What can you find in the garden or house to make an obstacle course with? 

Use sticks to jump over, plant pots to do a slalom, a tunnel to crawl through. Use your imagination and get creative. 

This one is great for burning off some energy, working on gross motor skills and improving balance. But you can also use a timer to introduce mathematics, what number is bigger or smaller? 

What is your favorite spring time activity?

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