27 Egg-cellent Easter Books For Preschoolers.

Easter Books for preschoolers, toddlers and babies are an amazing way for them to learn about the world and community around them. As easter draws closer we know for a fact our children will have more chocolate then they can handle so I’ve pulled together some of the best Easter books out there for you to explore.

Easter Books For Preschoolers

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this blog are affiliate links that may provide me with a small commission at no cost to you. However, I have vetted every book in this guide and believe they are the best Easter books to read with your preschoolers, toddlers and babies.

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Ultimate Easter Story Books For Preschoolers – We’re Going On An Egg Hunt.

We’re Going On An Egg Hunt.

Break into spring with this egg-citing Easter adventure! This hilarious and adorable tale of bunnies on a big egg hunt is full of playful wordplay and lots of lift-the-flaps. Follow four brave bunnies as they set off to find lots and lots of eggs to eat… but keep an eye out for a cheeky wolf hiding in the background! Perfect for sharing, this egg-stra special book is also a great way for kids to learn about different animals and the best spot to find an easter egg.

Perfect for children aged 0-6 years.

Top Short Easter Story For Toddlers.

Duck and Goose Here Comes The Easter Bunny.

A sweet story about a friendship. Duck and goose are looking for the perfect hiding spot to see the Easter bunny. Duck wants to be in the pond but goose doesn’t think that is such a good idea. A cute story help our children understand compromise, and friendship.

Perfect for children aged 2-5 Years.

Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt.

Peppa and her friends go on an egg hunt! This sweet spring story not only covers the Easter theme, but also the life cycle of a chicken as Granny pig’s eggs hatch and Peppa meets the new chicks.

Perfect for children aged 2-6 years.

Spot’s First Easter.

This brilliant Easter-themed book features lots of fun places for easter eggs to be hiding. It’s also a great one to introduce counting and working together with friends, as Spot and Helen go on a journey to find them all!

Perfect for children aged 2-5 years.

The Best Easter Books For Babies

That’s Not My Bunny & Chick Bundle.

With colourful illustrations and a touch-and-feel texture at every page, these ‘that’s not my…’ books are perfect for sharing with your baby. Each one will help support your little one’s development, while encouraging early discovery of colours, textures and new words.

Perfect for children aged 0-2 years.

Baby Touch – Happy Easter.

Babies are inquisitive by nature and keen to explore the world around them. From a very early age they want to touch, listen and look at everything they can. This delightful touch-and-feel book has been specially created to help you introduce your baby to the Easter holiday as well as encourage their inquisitiveness and hand-eye coordination.

Perfect for children aged 0-3 years.

Fluffy Chick.

Explore the farm yard with fluffy chick and her friends. Feel the different textures of each animal while learning the sounds they make. This one is spring themed rather than Easter but it would be a perfect gift none the less.

Perfect for children aged 0-3 years.

Best Illustrated Easter Picture Books For Preschoolers.

My Magical Easter Bunny.

Follow the Easter Bunny as he hides all the eggs for the other magical creatures. Using the interactive flap, lift and slide features your child can help the bunny hop out of his burrow and hide the eggs while helping his friends find their easter treat.

See the activity book here

Perfect for children aged 1-5 years.

My Little Rabbit.

The magical wind blows and Ollies rabbit comes to life. Ollie and her favorite bunny go on an adventure together before returning home just in time to snuggle up in bed. The illustrations in this story draws your full attention to the characters and what they are up to on each page.

Perfect for children 4-8 years.

Peter Rabbit A Pop Up Easter Egg Hunt.

It’s Easter day and Peter rabbit needs our help to make sure everything is perfect. Lift the flaps to help him find the vegetables for dinner and Jemima’s ducklings! At the end there is a really creative pop up easter egg hunt where you can search through the bushes to find all of the Easter eggs.

Perfect for children aged 3-5 Years.

The Story Of The Easter Bunny Books

The Story Of The Easter Bunny.

A family pet follows the tradition he has been shown and has mastered through the years. As his owners become too old to help and the children learn of the easter bunny he moves to a new location and creates his own team to help spread Easter joy.

Perfect for children aged 4-8 years.

The Bunny Who Found Easter.

Going on an adventure to find some bunnies just like him, he was told by a wise owl there was always rabbits around at Easter. So off he went on a mission to find Easter and hopefully a new friend. This little rabbit travels through all the seasons until he finally finds a new friend and realized that Easter isn’t a place but the sign of new beginnings.

Perfect for children aged 4-7 years.

How To Catch The Easter Bunny.

The Easter Bunny lets you in on all the traps he’s has to avoid to deliver all the easter eggs. Who knew it was such a risky job!

Perfect for children aged 4-10 years.

Runner Up Preschool Books For Easter

Poppy And Sam’s Easter Egg Hunt.

Join Poppy and Sam on their egg hunt, helping them to find all of the Easter eggs. This book is great for promoting fine motor skills with the lines and dots on the pages but also good for noticing detailed features as you search for what might be a hidden egg.

Perfect for children aged 2-5 years.

Hop Little Bunnies.

Following the popular rhyme ‘see the little bunnies sleeping’ this lift the flap book has given us even more versus to sing. Follow the bunnies as they wake the lambs, chicks, kittens and ducklings so they can all play together just in time to sing their final song and go to sleep for the night.

Perfect for children aged 2-6 years.

Poppy And Sam And The Bunny.

Turning this book into an interactive story will have your little one engaged and ready to walk with Poppy and Sam through the farm yard following a little rabbit they have spotted. Learn about all the different sounds the animals make along the way and where the little bunny is going.

Perfect for children aged 1-3 years.

Classic Easter Children’s Books

The Story of Easter.

This books gives a very simple Easter story which is a great introduction to Easter for young children.

Perfect for children aged 1-4 years.

The Story of Easter. Little Bible Playbook.

This Easter story is a great next step, it give the general story of Easter but is slightly more complex than the book above.

Perfect for children aged 3-5 years.

Traditional Easter Books For Preschoolers & The Whole Family.

The Easter Story.

This book gives an even more detailed story line of Easter and again is the next step up from the book above. The Illustrations are great in this one too which will allow children to tell the story in their own words when they are looking at this book independently.

Perfect for children aged 4-8 years

Easter Love Letters from God: Bible Stories.

This lovely story gives a further insight into the story of Easter, it walks us through the story step by step but also gives us additional flaps to lift that are letters from God.

Perfect for children aged 4-8 years.

The Best Activity Easter Books For Preschoolers

Easter Magic Painting Book.

These are great little books for children to explore, all you need is a little water to dip the paint brush in. Simply wipe the paint brush over the page and watch as the colours appear.

Colouring Book Easter with Rub Downs.

The simple pictures in this colouring book are great for colourers of all experience, but what makes this book tip the edge for me is that even once it has been coloured in you can use it as an activity book as you follow the instructions on each page.

Easter Sticker Book.

With a little story on each page this sticker book will spark your little ones imagination as they get ready to stick the stickers onto each page.

My Magical Easter Bunny Sparkly Sticker Activity Book.

This one matches the book linked above in the best illustrated section so this could make a great follow along activity or you could simply go through the activity book to spread the Easter cheer.

Scissor Skills The Easter Edition Activity Cut And Paste Book.

For the the little ones obsessed with snipping and cutting this activity book will be right up their street! With all kinds of activities your child can practice their fine motor skills, mathematics, colouring and so much more.

Easter Gifts For Toddlers

For those of you looking for chocolate free gifts this year or you want to get an extra treat from the easter bunny take a look at these ideas.

Faburo Easter Egg Stampers.

These little stamps are a great alternative to chocolate eggs, hide them as part of the easter egg hunt and then take them inside the create an Easter Picture.

Design Your Own Easter Bag For Kids.

If you haven’t yet got your Easter baskets ready I love the idea of these little bags. Give your bag it’s own special design before you go on an easter egg hunt and fill it with as many eggs as you can find.

teytoy My First Baby Easter Plush Toy Set.

This super sweet soft basket and accessories is a great gift idea for babies. You can do a mini easter egg hunt, work on their physical development and counting skills as they fill and empty the basket and practice their colour recognition as you explore the items together.

My First Find And Match Easter Matching Eggs.

These can be used in a sensory bin, easter egg hunt or even playdough to print the shapes. They are great for hand eye coordination and problem solving as your little one fits the eggs back together too!

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