10 Activities To Do With A Kitchen Roll Tube.

Something we all have access to at some point! Kitchen roll tubes, but who knew they could be used for so many things? I love crafts and anything I can use that costs me nothing is always a bonus. Here are ten thing I have found that you can use them kitchen roll tubes for so get saving!

Pompom Run.

Perfect for toddlers and older children alike! Older children can help make this learning about cause and effect along the way! Take a look at the post here for the how to and everything else you need to know.


I found this one on the imagination tree. Perfect for developing hand eye coordination, learning about colours as well as working on problem solving skills! Again perfect for keeping our toddler occupied.

DIY Ring Toss.

The perfect aiming game for older children! Use paper plates or cut out your own rings using card. This is the perfect indoor activity to practice hand eye coordination as well as getting a little competitive action in there!

Shape Stamps.

Why not do some multi tasking? teach your toddler about shapes as well as making marks. Older children can also get creative with this by linking the shapes together and letting their imaginations go wild.

Pattern Playdough Roller.

Have you got a hot glue gun? then this one is for you! I mean who doesn’t love playdough. I found this amazing idea on brave the elements, it’s perfect for physical development but also getting them creative cogs turning.

Rainbow blowers.

How lovely is this one? I found these rainbow blowers on kids craft room. Not a fan of the rainbow? why not make a dragon breathing fire?


Itsy bitsy fun created these beautiful owls! Not only will they keep the kids entertained while making them they can be played with for hours afterwards too!


Need I say more? The perfect spring time activity for toddlers and older children!


Take a look at this monster craft by the best ideas for kids! Just like the two above I can see these providing hours of fun.


ok… The craft train have made these gorgeous little dinosaurs and I think they are my favorite….. Why stop at just the dino’s you can make them a whole land for them to stomp around in!

Who knew up cycling could be so much fun! What are you going to make first?

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